Strategy & Planning

The most successful digital marketing campaigns are built on a foundation of research, analysis and data-driven planning. We use advanced digital marketing tools and proven processes help you achieve your business goals.

Customer Analysis

Buyer Persona Development

Product/Service Analysis

Value Proposition Development

Competitive Analysis

Key Message Development

Content Calendar Planning

Digital Marketing Plans

Keyword Analysis & Research

Budget and ROI Analysis

Design & Development

We design and develop custom websites that are conversion-optimized and mobile-responsive. From small business websites to e-commerce solutions, we are ready to design and develop your digital experience.

E-Commerce Websites

Custom WordPress Development

Shopify Development

Corporate Websites

Website Wire-framing

Landing Page Development

Advanced Integrations

Logo Design

Brand Development

UX / UI Design

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We plan, create and optimize pay-per-click advertising campaigns across a range of platforms. Our proven A/B testing and data analysis process allows us minimize cost per click, drive cheap traffic and maximize your return on investment.

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Reddit Ads

YouTube Ads

Display Advertising


Cost Per Click Optimization

A/B Testing

Conversion Tracking

Search Engine Optimization

Using advanced on-site and off-site techniques we promote your products and services to local customers at the exact time they are looking for them. We ensure your customers find you before they find your competitors.

SEO Audits

On-Site Optimization

Page Speed Optimization

Content Development

Link Building

Citation Building

Review Building

Influencer Engagement

Schema Markup

Performance Monitoring

Email Marketing Automation

We integrate email marketing automation software with your website that helps nurture leads with personalized content. Our integrations increase brand influence, support lead generation and increase sales as prospective shoppers transition to paying customers.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Landing Page Integration

Custom API Integrations

Mobile App Email Automation

Quality Assurance Testing

Advanced Lead Scoring

Email Template Design

Event Triggered Emails

Automation Design

CASL Compliance

Social Media Management

Social media management is all about engaging with your customers through platforms they are naturally attracted to. Publishing trending content and maintaining open communication creates conversations and drives sales.

Facebook Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Google+ Marketing

Google My Business Management

Account Optimization

Social Media Analytics

Influencer Engagement

Community Building

Content Planning

Data Tracking, Analytics & Reporting

What works, what doesn’t and how can it be improved? Using advanced data collection and analytics software, we monitor your digital marketing campaigns and optimize your strategy at every level to maximize your return on investment.

Data Collection

Analytics Platform Integration

Data Analysis

User Experience (UX) Analysis

Conversion Rate Optimization

Custom Reporting

Corporate Training

Looking for digital marketing training? No problem. We’re happy to share our expertise and train you and your staff on a range of digital marketing and online advertising topics.

Marketing Strategy

Value Proposition Development

Content Planning

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Data Analytics

Sales Funnel Strategy

Social Media Training

Public Speaking

Individual Training

Custom Workshops

Digital Marketing Videos

Quality content promotes brand awareness, captivates customers and builds business. Our vision of integrated digital marketing brings video to the forefront. From the initial pitch to the finalized visual experience, 44 North can capture the essence of your brand.

Storyboard Development

Production Planning

Script Creation

Interview Coaching

4K Video

Drone Video

Casting & Talent Management

Editing & Production

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