From Small Town Traditional to Big Time Digital



A well-known local mortgage agent was looking to branch out to new territories, however his poor online visibility and digital branding was holding him back.


Utilizing social media, we revamped the image of the brand using drone videography, professional photography and industry leading web design.


With over 500 unique visits to the website in its first month and a surge in social media followers, we were able to raise brand awareness and get his small business on the map.


Three words that come up again and again under reviews when you Google McCallum Mortgages. The 20 reviews, all of which have five star ratings, are just from the past couple months. This is just one example of the many ways that we have helped get McCallum Mortgages on the map.

Until partnering up with 44 North this year, Justin’s main mode of advertising was through word-of-mouth and good ol’ fashioned billboards – and it was working. His reputation of reliable service made way through the community and allowed him to open two offices in both Glencoe and Chatham, Ont. However, he knew the potential for more growth was out there. But, to get there, he’d need to get on board with digital.


With his hands full with clients, Justin needed a team of digital experts to completely revamp his website, branding and social outreach. But, as a self-proclaimed “old school guy”, Justin wanted to keep things simple. This meant straight to the point messaging and an online persona that mirrored his own brand.


We began by researching keywords and identifying the competitive landscape which, we discovered, was high for the small geographical target. By analyzing all the relevant search terms related to mortgages and the Southwestern Ontario region, we were able to identify which keywords had a high search volume and low competition. These terms would gave McCallum Mortgages the best chance to get organic visibility as quickly as possible.

Web Design & Development

Next, we knew that we needed to build a first-class website that optimized the targeted keywords as well as provided great content that could serve as a resource for prospective and existing clients.

Web Design & Development

Next, we knew that we needed to build a first-class website that optimized the targeted keywords as well as provided great content that could serve as a resource for prospective and existing clients.

Getting Social

While Justin’s style is traditional, we knew that a mark was being missed by not having him active on social media. Given the mature, professional clientele of McCallum Mortgages, finding the mediums that would best reach his targeted audience was key. Given the demographic, we introduced the brand onto Facebook, Google +, Google My Business and LinkedIn. Each week, content is posted to reach new clients and to keep active clients engaged.


To make the digital integration of McCallum Mortgages as seamless as possible, we created content that encompassed Justin’s persona.


Video was the best medium to do so. With the use of drones, we captured gorgeous aerial views of the town of Glencoe, as well as the day-to-day happenings of Justin and customer testimonials. By filming a variety of shots, we were able to capture the real essence of his brand and show the small-town and down-to-earth approach Justin takes with his clients and work.


Blogs were another medium which we recognized could pack a lot of potential: not only could this content provide unique insights from the mortgage broker himself, but it could also help increase the SEO for the site. By writing short articles on the industry, Justin would be able to provide clients with advice and resources. This would transform the website from a page of basic details to a hub of information.


Imagery was the last component to further polish the McCallum Mortgage brand. We conducted a full photo shoot to revamp Justin’s image across the website and social media platforms.


As McCallum Mortgages launched into the digital realm, we recognized that we needed to showcase the great recommendations his customers were sharing online. By asking existing clients to review his services, Justin was able to build his consumer trust, build his brand and showcase his reputation while ranking higher on Google search results.

Lead Generation

All of the content published through McCallum Mortgages’ social media drives back to the website where viewers are greeted with the call to action of “get a quote today”.

Not only does this form provide Justin with client names, contact information and details on their loan needs, but the website’s integrated automation system sends each lead directly to his cell phone – a customized feature we created specifically with Justin in mind. Instead of following up through email spreadsheets, each individual lead acquired through the web form is texted directly to Justin so he can respond to each inquiry immediately.

Pay Per Click Advertising

To reach new audiences in the local region, we determined that Facebook pay-per-click advertising was the best route. Creating two different ads with variations of the video (learn how we use A/B testing here), we designed both a 30 second as well as a one and a half minute advertisement. The exposure was targeted to individuals in the immediate Southwestern Ontario area from Chatham to Kitchener between the ages of 25 to 65. To go a step further, we custom targeted those who have interests in property investing, house hunting and renovations. In a month, over 25 000 individuals in the target region have seen the video with over 75 000 impressions. Currently, ads run at approximately $1.09 per click.

“I’ve never been much into online stuff – social media and maintaining a website just wasn’t on my list of priorities but I knew it needed to be done. By partnering with 44 North, I was able to focus on my clients while having peace of mind that they were taking care of all the digital stuff. I’m astounded at how much building a new website and online platforms has helped with my brand. The team has taken care of everything from content creation to monitoring website activity and more. It makes my job a lot easier.”
– Justin McCallum, McCallum Mortgages

Website Design