The Outdoors Online: Advertising Summer Getaways



Canada’s largest independent owner of land lease communities needed to promote voyageur camping, cabin rentals and park model home sales across 21 family resorts during the summer of 2017.


We created a nation-wide lead generation campaign and advertised it to the client’s key consumer group through Facebook Ads.


Over 3.6 million impressions made directly to the targeted demographic driving approximately 60,000 unique visitors to booking pages.


As Canada’s largest owner and operator of land lease communities, Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. wanted to make their summer 2017 ad campaign for vacation resorts stand out in a saturated and competitive market. While their stunning resorts speak for themselves, they needed a full service digital marketing agency, capable of handling a large scope of work and tight deadlines, to help drive their messaging out across Canada.

With 21 resorts to promote, our team had to create ads that were simple, impactful and engaging. Each of Parkbridge’s locations are different from one another and have specific characteristics and amenities – we needed to leverage this through our nation-wide Facebook advertising campaign.


Our decision to use Facebook ads was strategic. Considering our target audience consisted of specific demographics, locations and interests, this social medium was able to help us best deliver our message to the right people. Through short, creative copy partnered with breathtaking photography, we were able to pair simple messaging with pause-worthy snapshots of each of the resorts. In addition, running advertisements through Facebook allowed us to create the opportunity for people to interact with our posts and open up a dialogue through two-way communication.

Strategic Targeting

We worked hand-in-hand with our client to develop brand consistent ad copy and selected compelling images. What good is an ad if it isn’t being seen by the right people? We configured the demographic and location-based targeting and programmed the ads to run during prime cottage and camping season from April through September. By analyzing Parkbridge’s existing consumer base, we created custom target audiences across three specific categories.


If someone bought a park model home, why not show an ad to their neighbours? By geo-tagging Parkbridge’s existing client base by postal code, we were able to narrow in on the locations that were proven to generate a large portion of their existing client base.


Whether it’s new parents or seniors, this campaign focused in on those who would have interest in summer vacations.


Whether it’s new parents or seniors, this campaign focused in on those who would have interest in summer vacations.

Common Interests

Outdoor recreation, motorhomes, hiking and camping are among the top activities at the resorts. Showing our ads to Facebook users who express interest these subjects was the perfect match.

Image Selection

Working with the Parkbridge team, we were able to curate and collect high definition and eye-catching imagery for the ads. We selected the best images based on our past learning experiences of which ads tend to work best for this audience.

Ad Copy Writing

Leveraging Parkbridge’s existing resort descriptions, we created copy that brought the resorts to life. With a goal to espouse emotion and show that resort living was achievable, we crafted messaging that showed how special these resorts really are. By giving the target audience a sense of nostalgia as well as encouragement to learn more, we developed a new, two-fold approach through our Facebook Ads. This was a fun challenge for our team and a great example of our capability of developing on-brand copy for the companies we partner with.

A/B Testing

At 44 North, we’re firm believers that there is always room for improvement. Using an experimental process called A/B testing, we compare several images paired with ad copy variations to determine which combination best resonated with Parkbridge’s target audience. Through this process, we were able to identify the optimal image/copy recipe which resulted in the highest conversion rate and lowers cost-per-click.

The Results

Overall, the summer 2017 campaign was a huge success. We were able to directly reach the target audience, increase likes and build brand awareness through Facebook across the country.

“The 44 North team was quick, efficient and reliable during this entire campaign. They were always just a call away if we had questions and made the entire process enjoyable. They delivered on their word, and brought new visibility to our brand across the country.”
– Monique Jaiko Marchildon, Marketing Manager